We perform underground utility work, from the installation of new mains and conduits, to building connections and repairs. As these vital systems continue to deteriorate, D’Allessandro Corp. is ready to replace and repair, maintaining an infrastructural lifecycle integral to the public health and commercial vitality of a region. We are also capable of performing electrical utility work. Our work has included the installation of new water mains and sewers in the Greater Boston Area. We have experience installing pipes via open cut method, directional drilling, pipe jacking and cured-in-place pipe lining.

  • Drain installation specializing in recharging ground water back into the earth, and building green infrastructure. We also specialize in concrete headwalls, drainage swales, stormwater holding tanks and storage systems. 
  • Utilities including telephone and electric duct banks and manhole instillation.




D’Allessandro Corp. specializes in site preparation and development for various project designs. Often we are readying land or concrete for residential, commercial, or privately owned buildings. 

Services include but not limited to:

  • Excavation
  • Grading of Land
  • Road Construction
  • Shoring
  • Rock splitting and foundation blasting
  • Underpinning
  • Boring
  • Jacking
  • Paving




Whether you need to prepare a site to start a project, or construct a beautiful landscape to finish one, D’Allessandro Corp is ready to meet your topographical needs. One of our first projects for Boston Parks we were lucky to win a Massachusetts horticultural award for the construction of Hayes Park. We have worked closely with owners and landscape architects in creating beautiful landscapes around the Greater Boston Area.

  • Park Construction and Reconstruction
  • Environmentally sensitive walking paths
  • Construction of retaining walls 
  • Slope protection and stabilization
  • Bike trails
  • Custom stonework and brickwork
  • Planting of trees and shrubbery


areas MARINE, Bridges & Boardwalks 

Our skilled employees are well versed in costal construction of environmentally sensitive work zones along waterways, ponds, and the ocean. We are also well versed in the installation and repair of boardwalks and bridges in the interest of conservation and environmentally sensitive areas with minimal disruption. Specialized work we have done includes;

  • Tide gate, slide gate, stop logs installation and maintenance
  • Slope stabilization and protection using rip rap
  • Control of water, relocate or bypass water ways to meet conservation requirements
  • Ductile iron & stones piles driven, augured piles and screwed in place piles.  
  • Board walk built in place on wood frame in wetlands and sensitive areas. 



Our 24 hour service means we are prepared to work and carry out any procedures needed to stay safe during a snow storm. We have the necessary equipment and years of experience dealing with snow removal at the owners’ direction. 

We are committed to providing on-time quality services for clients anywhere from Mass Highway, Towns, regional malls, college campuses, and private parking lots. We also treat roadways and parking lots with sand/salt and conduct snow removal and hauling.




We at D’Allessandro Corp. welcome opportunities to work outside our day-to-day operations. Over the years we have adjusted and expanded our services to include:

  • Security Services – We provide Barriers & Road Closure for events such as concerts, commencement ceremonies, etc.
  • Equipment Rental – We rent our equipment to various contractors and private institutions for site work.